Ref Id :SM6728
schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Jinan Technology Ltd. China
usb  Capacity       250 Kg/Hr
  Description   - Corn Puff Snacks Manufacturing Line For Sale Rarely Used in Excellent Condition
  • Fully Automatic Line
  • Capacity of 250 Kg/Hr,
  • Year of Purchased 2016
  • Name of...

  Ref Id :SM6727
schedule  Year       2012
local_offer  Make/Brand  CMT Spa, Italy
usb  Capacity       180 to 200 Kg/Hr
  Description   - Used Cheese Moulding Machine in excellent condition for sale
  • Year 2012
  • Make CMT, Italy
  • Model No H2 Mini
  • Capacity 180 to 200 Kg/Hr
  • Batch Capacity 45 to 50...

  Ref Id :SM6725

schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Ice Make Refrigeration Private Limited
usb  Capacity       Size W208 X D277 X H120 Inches
  Description   - Cold Room For Sale in Excellent Condition
  • Make Ice Make Refrigeration Private Limited
  • Year 2016
  • Size W208 X D277 X H120 Inches
  • Density 40...

  Ref Id :SM6724
schedule  Year       2015
local_offer  Make/Brand  Unitech Water Solutions
usb  Capacity       2000 Litres Per Hour
  Description   - ISI Grade Mineral Water Plant For Sale
  • Capacity 2000 Litres Per Hour
  • Year of Manufactured February 2015
  • Make Unitech Water Solutions
  • Fully SS...

  Ref Id :SM6723
Sold Out
schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Gungunwala Food Equipment Pvt Ltd and Rathod Machine Tools
usb  Capacity       45 to 50 Kg/Hr
  Description   - Rarely Used Batch Type Potato Chips - Wafer Making Machinery For Sale in excellent condition
    Rectangular Fryer Machine Capacity 45-50Kgs/Hr
  • Year 2016
  • Make Gungunwala Food...

  Ref Id :SM6721
schedule  Year       2010
local_offer  Make/Brand  Various Manufacturers
usb  Capacity       200 TPD Mango Processing
  Description   - Mango pulp processing plant for sale
  • 200 TPD Mango processing capacity
  • 100 TPD Mango pulp production capacity
  • Year of commissioning in 2010
    Having following...

  Ref Id :SM6719
local_offer  Make/Brand  APV
usb  Capacity       Evaporation 318 kg/hr
  Description   - Used APV junior type plate evaporator - single effect plate evaporator for sale having following design data for orange juice
  • Feed Rate 375 kg/hr
  • Feed Temp. to Evaporator 43...

  Ref Id :SM6716
schedule  Year       December 1997
local_offer  Make/Brand  Primo Roasting Equipment, CA
usb  Capacity       100 kg/hr
  Description   - Roasting machine for Coffee, model Primo PRI 150, capacity 100 kg/hr, Year of manufactured 1997, Make Primo Roasting Equipment, CA, Heating media gas...

  Ref Id :SM6717
schedule  Year       Unknown
local_offer  Make/Brand  Lucas Electronics
usb  Capacity       Max 500 Cycles Per Hour
  Description   - Used Vacuum + nitrogen gas flushing machine for sale having following specifications
Model  - Lucas Electronics - LE - 009V + N

•	Type of sealing -  Impulse/ DH
•	Gas/Flushing/ Air...

  Ref Id :SM6714
schedule  Year       2013
local_offer  Make/Brand  Vaapftech Engineers Mumbai
usb  Capacity       Margarine 1000 Kg/hr & Shortening 1250 Kg/hr
  Description   - Fully automatic Margarine and Bakery Shortening Plant installed in 2013, supplied by Vaapftech Engineers Mumbai having margarine capacity 1000 kg/hr and bakery shortening plant 1250 kg/hr, consisting...

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