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Are you looking for used machinery, second hand machinery, complete running industrial unit, a sick unit or do you have something to offer yourself then you are here at the right place

Maruti Machinery Consultant is active in buying and selling used machinery, industrial units, and acting as an intermediary, this varies from individual used machines to complete running industrial unit. Think of it, in a timely and cost-efficient way, We delivers you the best possible used machinery, or a complete running industrial unit, tailored to your exact manufacturing needs. Get the right equipment at right price and at from the right place

Used Industrial Plants For Sale

Fryums Making Line
# Ref ID SM6734 Gujarat India
Year - 2017

End User

PET Strap Production Line
# Ref ID SM4341 Gujarat India
Year - 2015

End User

Running Dairy Plant For Sale
# Ref ID SM0511 Uttar Pradesh India
Year - 2014

End User

Ginning Pressing Plant For Sale
# Ref ID SM0803 Telangana India
Year - 2010

End User

Calcining Fire Clay Manufacturing Line For Sale
# Ref ID SM7234 Tamilnadu India
Year - 2012

End User

Hot Press Lamination Plant For Sale
# Ref ID SM6803 Gujarat India
Year - 1991

End User


Used Machinery For Sale

Modern 16x42 Rubber Mixing Mill
# Ref ID SM3963 Maharashtra India
Year - 2006

End User

SS 304 Trays Of Dryer
# Ref ID SM65243 Gujarat India
Year - Unknown

Used Machinery Dealer

Cnc Wood Turning Lathe
# Ref ID SM6805 Karnataka India
Year - March 2019

End User

Amada Turret Punching Machine
# Ref ID SM6170 Maharashtra India
Year - 1992

End User

Wartsila Gas Generators For Sale
# Ref ID SM5619 Madhya Pradesh India
Year - 2006

End User

Pilot Scale Spray Drer For Sale
# Ref ID SM65242 Karnataka India
Year - 2017

End User


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Knowledge Center

Why Used Machinery

Machinery running in any plant are USED MACHINERY.

Used machinery may be the right alternative for a small producer looking to expand capacity, a startup machine shop needing to stretch its budget, or even a manufacturing giant replacing defunct machinery. One of the bonuses of buying used machinery is that most items found on the second hand market are in good condition...

How to Buy Used Machinery

Buying Mantra - When you go to buy Used Machinery, use your eyes, not your ears.

Competition for used machinery can be tough and finding quality machinery at good prices can be difficult. Industrial equipment, even on the secondary market, is a significant investment. The more you know about the type, use and manufacturer of the equipment you need, the more successful you will be at getting what you want.