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Maruti Machinery Consultant provides platform for end user buyers and end user sellers. We offer various complete industrial plants with land, power, amenities, license, and takeover of industrial unit , also only complete processing lines without land in excellent condition. We assure you for providing hassle free, reliable, confidential and trustworthy deals for both buyer and seller. For your sale and buy of industrial plants contact us.

  Ref Id :SM3953
schedule  Year       2005
local_offer  Make/Brand  Various Manufacturers
usb  Capacity       2160 TPA
  Description   -
Used Rubber Reclaim Plant Machinery
Commissioned in 2005
Production Capacity 2160 TPA
Consisting Following Major Machinery
Rubber Mixing Mill Year 2006,...

  Ref Id :SM7155
schedule  Year       2017
local_offer  Make/Brand  Amar Industries, Faridabad - Haryana
usb  Capacity       3 to 4 tons (8 hours shift)
  Description   -
Rarely Used Paper Tube, Core and Composite Can Making Plant For Sale
Year 2017
Make Amar Industries, Faridabad Haryana
Production Capacity - 3 to 4 tons (8 hours...

  Ref Id :SM3952
schedule  Year       2013
usb  Capacity       5 Ton in 8 Hour Shift
  Description   -
Used Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Year 2013
Consisting following machinery
Screw Conveyor
5 Ton Autoclave
Gas Separator
Primary and...

  Ref Id :SM0509
schedule  Year       2018
local_offer  Make/Brand  Various Manufacturers
usb  Capacity       2000 LPH
  Description   -
Newly Built Milk Processing Plant For Sale
Year 2018
Capacity 2000 LPH - Litres per Hour
Consisting following machinery
2000 LPH Chiller with 1HP Milk...

  Ref Id :SM0907
schedule  Year       2011
local_offer  Make/Brand  Sanghi Organization
usb  Capacity       300 Cu Meters
  Description   - Oxygen Plant For Sale
  • Year 2011
  • Supplier Sanghi Organization
  • Capacity 300 CuM
    Consisting Following Major Machinery
  • Air Compressor 42 - 45 Kg/Cm2 Make...

  Ref Id :SM0653
schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Maruti Hydraulics Pvt Ltd. Nashik
usb  Capacity       45 CuM
  Description   - Light Weight CLC Blocks Manufacturing Line For Sale
  • Commissioned in December 2016
  • Manufactured by Maruti Hydraulics Pvt Ltd. Nashik
  • Production Capacity 45 M3
  • Total...

  Ref Id :SM65225
schedule  Year       2014
usb  Capacity       200 -250 Ton Per Month
business  Land       4200 sq.mtrs.
  Description   - Emulsifier Manufacturing Complete Plant For Sale With Land
  • Year 2014
  • Capacity 200 to 250 Ton Per Month
  • Total Plot Area 4200 sq.mtrs.
  • Construction...

  Ref Id :SM4328
schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Shreeji Tech Engineering, Ahmedabad
usb  Capacity       1350mm
  Description   - BoPP Tapes Slitting Line For Sale
  • Year 2016 (Only 9 Months Used)
  • Name of Manufacturing Shreeji Tech Engineering, Ahmedabad
    Line Consisting Following...

  Ref Id :SM65224
schedule  Year       2013
usb  Capacity       5 TPH
  Description   - NPK Granulated Fertilizer Plant For Sale in Excellent Condition
  • Year 2013
  • Production Capacity 5 Ton per Hour
  • Total Connected Power Load 100 HP
  • Machinery...

  Ref Id :SM4327
schedule  Year       2012
local_offer  Make/Brand  Shubham Extrusion Technik PVt. Ltd. Ahmedabad
usb  Capacity       100 Kg/Hr
  Description   - Used Two Layer Tubular Blown Film Plant For Sale
  • Year 2012
  • Make Shubham Extrusion Technik PVt. Ltd.
  • Model SETF 1000‐45/35HS+ Two layer
  • Polymer Type LL‐LDPE /...

  Ref Id :SM6728
schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Jinan Technology Ltd. China
usb  Capacity       250 Kg/Hr
  Description   - Corn Puff Snacks Manufacturing Line For Sale Rarely Used in Excellent Condition
  • Fully Automatic Line
  • Capacity of 250 Kg/Hr,
  • Year of Purchased 2016
  • Name of...

  Ref Id :SM4326
schedule  Year       2013
local_offer  Make/Brand  Kesar Extrusion, Nu Vu Conair
usb  Capacity       60 Kg/Hr
  Description   - HDPE Pipe Manufacturing Plant For Sale
  • Installed in 2013
  • Production Capacity 60 Kg/hr
  • ISI Grade Quality Smooth Pipe Production
  • Pipes Size Range- 25mm to...

  Ref Id :SM1003
schedule  Year       2015
local_offer  Make/Brand  Diamond Engineering, UP
usb  Capacity       300 TCD
business  Land       3.5 Acres Approx.
  Description   - Jaggery Manufacturing Plant with Land For Sale
  • Installed in November 2015
  • Supplied by Diamond Engineering, UP
  • Capacity 300 TCD
  • Total Land 3.5 Acres...

  Ref Id :SM7148
schedule  Year       2008
local_offer  Make/Brand  Success Machinery, Ahmedabad
  Description   - Rotogravure 7 Colour Printing and Lamination Line For Sale
  • Installed in 2008-2009
  • Supplied by Success Machinery, Vatva, Ahmedabad

  Ref Id :SM3948

schedule  Year       2012
local_offer  Make/Brand  Various Manufacturers
usb  Capacity       600 MT per Month
business  Land       5500 Square Meters
  Description   - Running Reclaim Rubber Manufacturing Company Available For Takeover in Gujarat State with Customer and Brand Name.

Company has been started into production in 2012. Producing best quality...

  Ref Id :SM3814
schedule  Year       2015
local_offer  Make/Brand  Veendeep Oiltek Mumbai
usb  Capacity       250 TPD
business  Land       8064 Square Yard
  Description   - Newly Built Solvent Extraction Plant For Sale
  • Commissioned in April 2015 and Runs for only Two Months
  • Supplied by Veendeep Oiltek Mumbai
  • Capacity 250 TPD in Mustard Cake +...

  Ref Id :SM4324
schedule  Year       2012
usb  Capacity       1000 Kg/Hr
  Description   - Semi Automatic Type Pet Recycling Line For Sale
  • Year 2012
  • Name of Supplier JT Engineering Works & Idea Equipments
  • Capacity 1000 to 1500 Kg/Hr
  • End Product Pet...

  Ref Id :SM1002
schedule  Year       Commissioned in 1972
local_offer  Make/Brand  Milling Plant ISGEC and Turbine Bellis India
usb  Capacity       5000 TCD
  Description   - Running Condition Sugar Plant For Sale
  • Capacity 5000 TCD
  • Type of Plant Steam and Semi Electric Driven
  • Process Double Sulphitation
  • Milling Plant ISGEC Make...

  Ref Id :SM6724
schedule  Year       2015
local_offer  Make/Brand  Unitech Water Solutions
usb  Capacity       2000 Litres Per Hour
  Description   - ISI Grade Mineral Water Plant For Sale
  • Capacity 2000 Litres Per Hour
  • Year of Manufactured February 2015
  • Make Unitech Water Solutions
  • Fully SS...

  Ref Id :SM0905
schedule  Year       2006
usb  Capacity       180 CuM
  Description   - Oxygen Plant For Sale
  • Capacity Oxygen 180 CuM and Nitrogen 50 CuM
  • Year 2006
    Plant Consisting Following Major Machinery
  • Air Separation Unit - Shree Balaji...

  Ref Id :SM0649
schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Sunmag Mines and Minerals Pvt. Ltd
usb  Capacity       40 MT/Hr
  Description   - Automated Screening and Crushing Plant - Movable Type
  • Material Used to Porcess Organic Composite
  • Capacity 40 MT/HR
  • Model ST 40
  • Year 2014
  • Sunmag Mines and...

  Ref Id :SM4323
schedule  Year       2015
local_offer  Make/Brand  Leitz India
usb  Capacity       10 to 15 Doors/Day
  Description   - UPVC Doors and Windows Fabrication Machinery
  • Capacity 10 to 15 Doors Per Day
  • Year 2015
  • Make Leitz India
    Single Head Cutting Machine
  • Model - CM...

  Ref Id :SM65200

business  Land       7142 Sq Yard
  Description   - Zinc Sulphate Manufacturing Plant For Sale with Land, Legal approvals and Pollution Consent.
  • Total Land Area 7142 Sq. Yards
  • Total Power 250 HP
  • Fully RCC Flooring, Office...

  Ref Id :SM5304
schedule  Year       2007
local_offer  Make/Brand  Movers India
usb  Capacity       300 MT
business  Land       12.12 Acres
  Description   - Cement Grinding Unit For Sale with Land
  • Installed in 2007
  • Total Capacity 300 MT
  • Land Area 12.12 Acres
  • Built Up Area 4 Acres Approx.
  • Presently on Production...

  Ref Id :SM6723
Sold Out
schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Gungunwala Food Equipment Pvt Ltd and Rathod Machine Tools
usb  Capacity       45 to 50 Kg/Hr
  Description   - Rarely Used Batch Type Potato Chips - Wafer Making Machinery For Sale in excellent condition
    Rectangular Fryer Machine Capacity 45-50Kgs/Hr
  • Year 2016
  • Make Gungunwala Food...

  Ref Id :SM6721
schedule  Year       2010
local_offer  Make/Brand  Various Manufacturers
usb  Capacity       200 TPD Mango Processing
  Description   - Mango pulp processing plant for sale
  • 200 TPD Mango processing capacity
  • 100 TPD Mango pulp production capacity
  • Year of commissioning in 2010
    Having following...

  Ref Id :SM65193
schedule  Year       2004
business  Land       Area 12000 sq,mt, Built Up Area 10,000 sq.ft. and 2 Acres Open Land
  Description   - Petro Chemical - Solvent Distillation Plant For Sale With or Without Land Building
    Manufacturing Following Major Products
  • Ethyl Acetate: 35 MT per day
  • Butyl Cellosolve...

  Ref Id :SM0644
schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Aavishkar Machinery Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
usb  Capacity       1 TPH
  Description   - Pellets manufacturing line from ash of rice husk
  • Application of pellets are as fuel
  • Capacity 1TPH
  • Year of commissioned 2014, but used Only for...

  Ref Id :SM0642
schedule  Year       2000
local_offer  Make/Brand  Intech and Wagner, Germany
usb  Capacity       2500mm Length X 600mm Width X 1250mm Height
  Description   - Powder Coating Line For Sale, can coat sheet metal parts upto size 2500mm Length X 600mm Width X 1250mm Height Line Consisting
  • Over Head Conveyor Line (Intech Make)
  • Powder Curing...

  Ref Id :SM0641
schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Indigeneous
usb  Capacity       Evaporation rate 1500 Kg/hr
  Description   - Ring - Flash Dryer Complete Line For Sale used to process Gluten. Run for merely 6 months only, presently in excellent condition.
  • Feed Rate 2000Kg/hr
  • Evaporation rate 1500...

  Ref Id :SM4320
schedule  Year       Commissioned in 2010
local_offer  Make/Brand  Fangli –China
usb  Capacity       450MM to 750MM Diameter
  Description   - Double Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipe Model SBWX800A of diameter range 450mm to 750mm suitable for sewage big pipe projects having following major specifications
    Extrusion System with...

  Ref Id :SM0637
schedule  Year       2012 -2013
local_offer  Make/Brand  Elemechtron Engineering
  Description   - Complete abrasive cloth - sand paper manufacturing line installed in 2012 - 2013 supplied by Elemechtron Engineering, Roll Size 39 Inch Total Connected Power Load 35 - 40 HP. The plant consisting...

  Ref Id :SM6714
schedule  Year       2013
local_offer  Make/Brand  Vaapftech Engineers Mumbai
usb  Capacity       Margarine 1000 Kg/hr & Shortening 1250 Kg/hr
  Description   - Fully automatic Margarine and Bakery Shortening Plant installed in 2013, supplied by Vaapftech Engineers Mumbai having margarine capacity 1000 kg/hr and bakery shortening plant 1250 kg/hr, consisting...

  Ref Id :SM5303
usb  Capacity       5 MT per Hour
  Description   - Grinding unit suitable for cement and also for mineral, available for sale consisting
    Ball mill of diameter 6 ft x length 25 ft driven by gear box and 300 hp electric motor. Thickness of shell...

  Ref Id :SM5615
schedule  Year       2014
usb  Capacity       2 MW
  Description   - Un-Used newly installed 2 MW power plant, having 18 tph steam boiler of Thermodyne Technologies, Chennai make and 2 MW steam turbine of Maxwatt Turbines Ltd, Bangalore Make having following...

  Ref Id :SM1401
  Description   - Aloevera Processing plant of capacity 1000 kg per shift - 8 hour. Plant installed in 2008-9, consisting complete line leaf conveyor cum washing, leaf extractor, juicer, filter press, sparkler filter,...

  Ref Id :SM0904
  Description   - Newly installed in 2014, 150 Cum/hr capacity plant. The purity of Oxygen obtained is greater than 99.95% and that of Nitrogen is greater than 99.999%. Complete plant in ready to start...

  Ref Id :SM3811
schedule  Year       2003
  Description   - Super critical extraction plant to extract fluids from herbals, spices, etc. Co2 extraction German technology. Plant is installed in 2003, used for only 3 years. Plant consisting 165 litres 2 nos....

  Ref Id :SM3810
  Description   - Available with and without land building. Plant is having total land of 1,33,000 sq. mts. including total built up area 109180 Sq. ft. with internal road around 1 KM, boundary wall of 9 feet height....

  Ref Id :SM4302
Sold Out
  Description   - 1000 kg per hour capacity pet bottles recycling plant for sale, installed in 2013, total power load 232 hp complete line from bale breaking, washing to material bagging system related fixtures,...