Ref Id :SM0644
schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Aavishkar Machinery Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
usb  Capacity       1 TPH
  Description   - Pellets manufacturing line from ash of rice husk
  • Application of pellets are as fuel
  • Capacity 1TPH
  • Year of commissioned 2014, but used Only for...

  Ref Id :SM0643
schedule  Year       1994
local_offer  Make/Brand  Griller & Co, Austria
usb  Capacity       Reel size: Ø500-1250 mm
  Description   - Cable Pay Off Unit For Sale
  • Type: PA 1250
  • Reel size: Ø500-1250 mm
  • Connected Power Load 15 KW
  • Machine is with Dancer unit and Control Panel
In excellent...

  Ref Id :SM0642
schedule  Year       2000
local_offer  Make/Brand  Intech and Wagner, Germany
usb  Capacity       2500mm Length X 600mm Width X 1250mm Height
  Description   - Powder Coating Line For Sale, can coat sheet metal parts upto size 2500mm Length X 600mm Width X 1250mm Height Line Consisting
  • Over Head Conveyor Line (Intech Make)
  • Powder Curing...

  Ref Id :SM0641
schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Indigeneous
usb  Capacity       Evaporation rate 1500 Kg/hr
  Description   - Ring - Flash Dryer Complete Line For Sale used to process Gluten. Run for merely 6 months only, presently in excellent condition.
  • Feed Rate 2000Kg/hr
  • Evaporation rate 1500...

  Ref Id :SM0638
schedule  Year       2013
local_offer  Make/Brand  Jay Khodiar Rajkot
usb  Capacity       One Tph
  Description   - Biomass briquette machine of year 2013, Jay Khodiyar, make, model Jumbo-90, total connected power load 85 HP. Machine is used for only 6 months...

  Ref Id :SM0637
schedule  Year       2012 -2013
local_offer  Make/Brand  Elemechtron Engineering
  Description   - Complete abrasive cloth - sand paper manufacturing line installed in 2012 - 2013 supplied by Elemechtron Engineering, Roll Size 39 Inch Total Connected Power Load 35 - 40 HP. The plant consisting...

  Ref Id :SM0635
  Description   - KMT make Waterjet Cutting Machine
  • Table size 5200mm x 12200mm
  • Traveling X axis 5010mm x Y axis 12010 x Z axis 450mm
  • Rigid steel tube gantry chassis
  • Siemens 828D...

  Ref Id :SM0634
Sold Out
  Description   - Soitaab Italy made Waterject cutting machine
  • Table : Gantry type, 3m x 2m, Soitaab, Italy
  • Year 2011
  • Pump : 50 HP , Accustream USA
  • Used for 950 hrs...

  Ref Id :SM0633
schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Radhe Renewable Energy
usb  Capacity       34 Lakh Kcal RREDA 4000
  Description   - Rarely used Radhe Renewable Energy make coal based gasifier for sale, year of manufactured 2014, Model no. RREDA 4000, Capacity 34 Lac Kcal/hr. with ESP model RP 36. Six pipe filtration system, ID...

  Ref Id :SM0631
  Description   - Chinese machine imported in 2009, 35 stages roll forming machine with hydraulic profile cutter, de coiler of 5 MT capacity and panel board having features of automatic length and quantity feed,...

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