Ref Id :BM5605

usb  Capacity       1 MW
  Description   - Requirement of Used Steam Turbine
  • Capacity 1MW
  • Inlet Pressure 32 kg/cm²
  • Exhaust Steam Pressure 1.5kg/cm²
  • Inlet Steam Temperature 380°C
  • Exhaust...

  Ref Id :BM5603

usb  Capacity       10 to 20 MW
  Description   - Coal Based Power Plant, 10 MW to 20 MW capacity require by a cement manufacturing plant...

  Ref Id :BM5604

usb  Capacity       7.5MW
  Description   - Looking for 7.5MW, Coal fired CFBC boiler power plant complete with turbine and electric distribution equipment...

  Ref Id :BM5602

  Description   - Looking for Triveni make back pressure 3 stage steam turbine with single reduction gear box, of following details
  • Maximum power - 2000 KW
  • Normal steam inlet Pressure - 42 ATA
  • ...
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