Ref Id :BM3927

usb  Capacity       10000 Kg per Day
  Description   - Need crumb rubber machinery including tyre shredder and complete set up to manufacture 30 mesh tyre powder of daily 10000 kg capacity...

  Ref Id :BM3926

  Description   - Looking for following rubber processing machinery for upcoming project
  • Banbury Internal Mixer 40 Litres or higher
  • Kneader Line 40 Litres or higher
  • Mixing Mill 16 x 42 or...

  Ref Id :BM5305

usb  Capacity       250 TPD
  Description   - We are in need of one ball of capacity 250 tpd latest model with mixing plant also...

  Ref Id :BM5603

usb  Capacity       10 to 20 MW
  Description   - Coal Based Power Plant, 10 MW to 20 MW capacity require by a cement manufacturing plant...

  Ref Id :BM5604

usb  Capacity       7.5MW
  Description   - Looking for 7.5MW, Coal fired CFBC boiler power plant complete with turbine and electric distribution equipment...

  Ref Id :BM4411

usb  Capacity       100 TPD
  Description   - Looking for 100 tpd kraft paper mill, should be in working condition...

  Ref Id :BM5720

usb  Capacity       4 TPH
  Description   - Need 4tph steam boiler with 10.54 to 17.5kg working pressure....

  Ref Id :BM3925

usb  Capacity       5000 Tubes/Day
  Description   -
Required Automobile manufacturing unit with capacity of 5000 tube/day. Please send details of all machinery and equipment details..

  Ref Id :BM7130

usb  Capacity       6/8 colour-800/1000 mm width
  Description   - Interested in used rotogravure printing machine 6/8 colour-800/1000 mm width...

  Ref Id :BM7131

  Description   - I need 3/4 arm roto moulding machine for water tank manufacturer . i want to make 200 Ltr to 3000 Ltr capacity water tanks...

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