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2014, 2013, 1987


Goa India


6000 Boxes per Day


Micro (Main Corrugation)


Complete Corrugation Box Making Plant Consisting Following Machines
Corrugation Machine 1
Year 2014
Make Micro
Size 52 inch
Type Oblique
High Speed Bearing Mounted
Single Phase Paper Corrugation Machine with 1 Set of NF Flute Roll
Heaters 9kw x3nos
7.5HP Motor and AC Drive
Corrugation Machine 2
Year 2013
Make Micro
32 Inch
Type E Flute
High Speed Bearing Mounted
With Manual Reel Stand
Heaters 9kw x3nos
2.2KW Motor and AC Drive
Roll Loading Machine 1.5KW
Roll to Paper Machine 0.5KW
Pasting 1.1KW
Slitting Machine 0.5kw
Rotary Slotter Machine 1.5KW
Stapling Machine 1987 Micro Mechanical Works Make 0.5KW - 3 Nos
It is a complete set of machinery to start production of corrugated box.

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