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Uttar Pradesh India


450 Kg/Hr


Colines italy


Cast Polypropylene CPP Films Manufacturing Plant For Sale
Make Colines Italy
Year 2013
Model Easycast
Type CFC/130
Raw Materials in Dry Pellets for Basic Line PP Copo PP Homo
Structure for Basic Line ABC
Three Layer Co Extrusion Line for Production of PP Film
Production 450 Kg/Hr
Film Thickness Range 15 to 60 Microns
Width: 1350 mm
Maximum Mechanical Speed of Line 400 m/min
High Quality Material Production Speed at 25 Micron 1300mm Film 250 m/min
Max. Diameter of the Finished Reels with 6 inch Mandrels, PP Film 800mm
Air Shaft Diameter 6 Inch
Automatic Hopper Feeders
120MM Diameter Single Screw Extruder B, L/D Ratio 30, 200 KW AC Electric Motor
60MM Diameter Single Screw Extruder A - C, L/D Ratio 30, 55 KW AC Electric Motor
Each Extruders with Lever Screen Changer, Heaters, Pressure and Temperatures Transducers with Digital Display and Alarm
Three Layer Black-Box for Co-Extrusion
Flat Extrusion die, 1750 mm Wide, Predisposed for the Automatic Adjustment with Bearing Cart
Depression Air Blade Complete with Fan and Regulation for Flat Die
Edge Fasteners with Two Independent Terminals
Chill-Roll Unit with a Cylinder Diameter 960 mm, Complete with A.C.Motor Drives, Rotating Joints and Rubber-Coated Cleaning Cylinder
Water Thermo Regulation Unit with a Separate Circuit for Cooling the Cylinder of Chill-Roll Unit
Suction Device for Trimmed Edges, with Milling and Transport of the Milled Material, Complete with Re-Feeding System Placed in the Extruder Diameter. 120 mm
Die-Slip Unit.
Anti-Static Rods
Automatic COMBIWIND@ S Winder With Possibility Of Winding by Contact, Center-Peripheral and With -Gap-. Computerized Control System of the Process, Including Monitoring of
the Main Data
General Electric Control Equipment
Centralized Control Desk Of The Line
Accessories and Electric, Pneumatic, Oleo-Dynamic Connections Between the Various Machines.

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