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Gujarat India


Upto 100 Kg/hr (40 to 100 Microns)


Heavan Extrusions, Ahmedabad


Used Two Layers Blown Film Line For Sale
Year 2017
Make Heavan Extrusion, Ahmedabad
Model HETBL 1200TL
Process Material Extrusion LDPE/LLDPE
End Product LD/LLDPE Mulch Film Roll
Production Capacity Upto 100 Kg/hr (40 to 100 Microns)
Lay Flat Width 1000mm
Screw Diameter - Inner Layer 45mm x Outer Layer 55mm
Screw and Barrel Material Niro Alloy Steel Duly Gas Nitride
Feed Type Groved Feed Section
L/D Ratio 30:1
Total Connected Power Load 63 KW
Inner Extruder
Screw Dia 45mm
Helical Gear Box with 11KW Drive
Heating Zones 2 Nos
Heating Load 6KW
Total Power Load 18.5 KW
Outer Extruder
Screw Dia 55mm
Helical Gear Box with 18.5KW Drive
Heating Zones 3 Nos
Heating Load 10KW
Total Power Load 30 KW
Co-Extruder Rotating Die
Die Type Spiral Type Special Co-Extrusion Two Layer Rotating Die
No of Die Two Die for LD/LDPE Material Process
Die Size 250mm
Heating Zone 3 Nos
Heating Load 4.5KW
Air Cooling Ring
Aluminum Cast Dual Lip-Air Cooling Ring
Ring Blower 3.7 KW
Take Off Unit
Nip Rollers 1 Set
Nip Rollers MoC One Hard Chrome and One Rubber Coated
Nip Rollers Width 120mm
Drive Load 1.1 KW
Line Speed 20 to 80 Meters/Min
Tower Height 20 Feet
Winder Unit
Surface Type Back to Back Two Winding Station
With Roll Change Over System
Each Station with 1.5 KW Drive
Control Panel
Microprocessor Based PID Temperature Controllers
ABB AC Frequency Drive
Plant is complete with Cooling Tower, Air Compressor, Related Pump and Motors.

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