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Bed Size 3 Mt x 2 Mt


Omax Maxiem

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Omax Maxiem- 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Center
  • Model No Omax Maxiem 2030
  • Year of Manufactured 2011, Commissioned in 2012
  • Precise Running hours 657 Hrs
  • Fully Automatic CNC operated can works 10 hours continuously in auto mode
  • Bed size 3m x 2m
  • Working area X-3000 mm,Y-2000 mm,Z-100 mm from slats
  • 5 Axis Articulated Jet Head
  • Cutting Range Steel D2 Upto 170 mm Thickness job had been cut & can also cut metal sheet, aluminum, stone, etc.
Special Features - Articulated Jet
  • Using articulated jet following are the advantages over the three axis machine.
    • Bevel cuts
    • Tapered cuts
    • Taper free cuts
    Along with following utilities
  • 30 HP High Pressure Operating Pump - 50000 PSI
  • Garnet Sand Auto Feed Hopper - 350Kgs.
  • 3 HP Chiller
  • 500 LPH Capacity RO
  • 40 KVA Servo-max Stabilizer
  • Scissor Plumbing with proton charge pump
  • Software used: Intellimax standard version 23 with 3D path editor.(Easy CAD Programming)

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  • Bed Size Width 1.25...
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# Ref ID SM0644 Chhattisgarh India Offer By End User
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  •   Make/Brand  Aavishkar Machinery Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
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