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Land Area

Total 8000 Sq. Mt. and Built Up 40,000 Sq.Ft.


Various Manufacturers

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Bulk Drug and Intermediate Plant For Sale in Brand New Condition. The plant is installed in 2015-16 and not used at all, facilities available are
  • Total Land Area 8000 Sq Mt.
  • Built Up Area 40,000 Sq Ft. consisting
  • Main Administration Building
  • Laboratory
  • Raw Material Store
  • Finished Good Store
  • GMP Manufacturing Section
  • Intermediate Manufacturing Section
  • Utilities Section
  • Underground Water Storage
  • Compound Walls, Road, Parking, Enviro Area, etc.
  • Connected Power Load 630 KVA
  • Legal Approvals and Concern are available
    • Unused Brand New Condition Plant Machinery Consisting
    • SS316 Reactors GMP and Non GMP From 1 KL to 2.5 KL - 6 Nos.
    • MSGL Reactors 1.6KL & 3KL - 4 Nos.
    • Related Column and Condensers
    • Tray Dryer, Centrifuge, FBD, Blender, Vibro Screen, Multimill, Sparkler Filter, etc.
    • MS, SS and Sintex Storage Tanks - Lot
    • Utilities are Steam Boiler Thermax 2 TPH, RO Plant, Chilled Brine Plant, Cooling Tower, Air Handling Unit, Air Compressor, D G Set, etc.
    • Tripple Effect Evaporator 12KL
    • Related Pumps, Pipe lines, Valves, Electricals, Control Panel, etc.
The Plant is available with or without land. Only genuine end users are welcome.

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# Ref ID SM65238 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2016
  •   Make/Brand  Hardik Engineering Works, Ahmedabad
  •   Capacity  60 Kg
Used Fluid Bed Dryer
Year 2016
Make Hardik Engineering Works,...
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# Ref ID SM65237 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2016
  •   Make/Brand  J K Chemicals Pump. Vadodara, Gujarat
  •   Capacity  36 Inch Basket
GMP Centrifuge For Sale
Year 2016
Make J K Chemicals Pump, Vadodara,...
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# Ref ID SM65236 Maharashtra India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2017
  •   Make/Brand  Ankita Technologies (India) Private Ltd. Mumbai
  •   Capacity  22 SQ Meters
Un-Used SS 316 Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter
Year 2017
Make Ankita...
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# Ref ID SM65235 Gujarat India Offer By Machinery Manufacturer
  •   Year  2018
  •   Capacity  150 Litres Gross
Brand New V type Blender For Sale
Ready Delivery From Machinery...
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# Ref ID SM65234 Karnataka India Offer By Machinery Manufacturer
  •   Year  2017
  •   Capacity  Working 600 Litres
Never Used Brand New Condition Evaporator Pans For Sale
Working Capacity 600...
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# Ref ID SM65232 Maharashtra India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2012
  •   Make/Brand  Hydro Engineers, Ahmedabad
  •   Capacity  200 Kg/Hr Water Evaporation
Used Spray Dryer For Sale
Year 2012
Make Hydro Engineers,...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65227 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  Unknown
  •   Make/Brand  Unknown
  •   Capacity  Basket Size 24 Inch
Used Centrifuge
Basket Size 24 Inch
Basket MoC SS304
Outer Body...
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# Ref ID SM65225 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2014
  •   Capacity  200 -250 Ton Per Month
  •   Land  4200 sq.mtrs.
Emulsifier Manufacturing Complete Plant For Sale With Land
  • Year 2014
  • Capacity 200...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65223 Maharashtra India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2001
  •   Make/Brand  Ultra Drytech Engineering Ltd
  •   Capacity  2KL
Used Agitated Nutsche Filter
  • Year 2001
  • Manufacturer: Ultra Drytech Engineering...
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# Ref ID SM65221 Andhra Pradesh India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2006
  •   Make/Brand  Magumps
  •   Capacity  Single Punch - 3000 Strokes per Hour
Single Punching Tablet Machine
  • Year 2006
  • Name of Manufacturer...
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# Ref ID SM65217 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2011
  •   Make/Brand  Cadam - Cadila Group
  •   Capacity  96 Trays
Unused like Condition Vacuum Tray Dryer For Sale
  • Year of Manufactured 2011
  • Make...
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# Ref ID SM65216 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  Unknown
  •   Make/Brand  Unknown
  •   Capacity  1000 Litres
Used SS316 Reactor
  • Capacity 1000 Litres
  • Shell SS/316 X 3.5 Feet Diameter x 5.5...
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# Ref ID SM65215 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2010
  •   Make/Brand  Raj Process Equipments & Systems Pvt Ltd Pune
  •   Capacity  110 to 200 Kg/Hr
Used Spray Dryer
  • Year of Manufactured 2010
  • Name of Manufacturer Raj Processors,...
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# Ref ID SM65214 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2006
  •   Make/Brand  Omega Kemix Pvt.Ltd. New Mumbai
Un-Used Magnetic Seal Drive Suitable for Reactor - Hydrogenator
  • Year of Manufactured...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65213 India Offer By End User
  •   Capacity  1000 Litres
Used Jacketed Ribbon Blender
  • Volume 1000 Litres
  • Blending Capacity 500 -...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65212 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2008
  •   Make/Brand  Platinum Pharmatech, Hyderabad
  •   Capacity  5Kg
Lab Model Used Fluid Bed Coater
  • Make Platinum Pharmatech, Hyderabad
  • Year...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65211 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2014
  •   Make/Brand  Ultra Drytech Engineering Ltd. Mumbai
  •   Capacity  1KL
Used Agitated Nutsche Filter cum Dryer For Sale
  • Year 2014
  • Make Ultra Drytech...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65210 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2014
  •   Make/Brand  Triveni Engineering, Ahmedabad
  •   Capacity  Water Evaporation Upto 250 Kg/Hr
Used Spray Dryer For Sale
  • Year of Manufactured 2014
  • Name of Manufacturer Triveni...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65206 Andhra Pradesh India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2016
  •   Make/Brand  Joflo Industries Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
  •   Capacity  Basket 60 Inch Diameter
Used Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
  • Make Joflo Industries Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
  • Year of...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65207 Punjab India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2002
  •   Make/Brand  Swiss Glascoat Equipments Ltd, Anand
  •   Capacity  630 Litres
Used Glass Lined Reactor For Sale
  • Make Swiss Glascoat Equipments Ltd, Anand
  • Year...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65203 Karnataka India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2003-04
  •   Make/Brand  Petals Engineers Pvt Ltd, Goa
  •   Capacity  120 per Minute
Used Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine For Sale
  • Make Petals Engineers Pvt Ltd,...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65202 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  Unknown
  •   Make/Brand  Unknown
  •   Capacity  160 Litres
Used Glasslined Reactor
  • Make and Year Unknown
  • Capacity 160 Litres
  • Plug...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65196 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2014
  •   Make/Brand  Saka Engineer Systems Pvt Ltd. Pune
  •   Capacity  200 Kg/Hr Evaporation Rate
GMP Model Spray Dryer used in food supplements in excellent working condition having followings...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65195 Offer By
  • Material of Construction – Contact Parts SS-304 & Non-Contact Parts MS
  • Size 3...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65194 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2015
  •   Make/Brand  Kothari Process Machineries, Thane
  •   Capacity  48 Trays
Brand new like condition used tray dryer for sale
  • Make Kothari Process Machineries,...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65193 Maharashtra India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2004
  •   Land  Area 12000 sq,mt, Built Up Area 10,000 sq.ft. and 2 Acres Open Land
Petro Chemical - Solvent Distillation Plant For Sale With or Without Land...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65187 Maharashtra India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2008
  •   Make/Brand  Shanta Flaker & Dryer Company Pvt Ltd, Ambernath
  •   Capacity  Drum Size 580mm x 1000mm
Rarely Used Flaker - Drum Dryer Machine In Ready to start condition
  • Model No...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65188 Maharashtra India Offer By End User
  •   Year  Unknown
  •   Make/Brand  Unknown
  •   Capacity  Drum Size 1000mm x 230mm
Single drum flaker having drum size 1000mm length x 230mm diameter, deep feed single chrome plated...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65185 Maharashtra India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2013, 2008, 2007
  •   Make/Brand  VGT Engineering Pharma Pvt Ltd
  •   Capacity  15 Kg, 45 Kg, 180 Kg
GMP Fluid Bed Coaters of capacity 15 kg of Year 2013, 45 kg Year 2007 and 180 kg of Year 2008 for...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65184 Rajasthan India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2006
  •   Make/Brand  M. S. Engineering Works, Ghaziabad
  •   Capacity  4 TPD
Used Continuous type Ball Mill of size 7 ft face length x 4 feet diameter x 1 inch shell thickness,...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65183 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2010
  •   Make/Brand  Excel Techno Indutries, Ahmedabad
  •   Capacity  50 - 60 Thousand Capsules Per Hour
High speed semi automatic capsule filling machine,model SCORPIO 2000-II, double head with speed...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65180 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2008
  •   Capacity  30 Litres/hr
SS/316 Spray dryer of evaporation capacity 30 litres, year 2008, disc atomizer type...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65179 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  Unknown
  •   Make/Brand  Unknown
  •   Capacity  24 Trays
Used Vacuum Tray Dryer (VTD)
  • Nos. of Trays 24
  • MOC of Trays SS/316
  • Size...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65178 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2009
  •   Make/Brand  GMM
  •   Capacity  1.2KL
MSGL Reactor with MSGL Column, Glass Condenser and MSGL Wiped Film Evaporator

MSGL Reactor...

Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65175 Offer By
  •   Year  Approx 5 Years Old
  •   Make/Brand  Mojj Pune
  •   Capacity  Water Evaporation 20 kg/hr
Used spray dryer of Mojj make, approx 5 years old, water evaporation capacity 20 kg/hr, disc...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65160 India Offer By End User
120 kg/hr evaporation capacity feed rate 200 litres per hour, SS 304 GMP, disc type rotary...
Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM65157 Offer By
1000 litres capacity SS 304 reactor, size 4 feet diameter x 5 feet of height upto top disc flange,...

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