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Retrofitted with CNC 2011


Tamilnadu India


Table Diameter 3.2 Mtrs.


Deutsche Niles Werke


Used Turret Lathe VTL For Sale
  • Make Deutsche Niles Werke
  • Retrofitted with CNC 2011
  • Table Diameter 3.2 Mtrs.
  • Table Speed Max 20 rpm. (@ max load)
  • Weight of the job 10,000 kgs.
  • Maximum Turing Diameter 3000 mm.
  • Maximum turning height 2500 mm.
  • Maximum turning length 400 mm.
  • Table support Hydro static.
Special Features The table is driven by a zero backlash gear unit which can index the table powered with a 22 kW Servo motor also fitted with high resolution encoder to get positional feed back into the system. This facilitates use of a live tool on the second tool post for the purpose of drilling / milling etc.
  • Positioning X1 Axis 0.01 mm Z1 Axis 0.025 mm
  • Repeatability X1 Axis 0.006 mm Z1 Axis 0.010 mm
  • Table Indexing 0.06 arc min
  • System Siemens 840 D.
Note the second tool post is not assembled as on date all parts are available for the same.

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