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2002 Refurbished 2017


Telangana India


350 M/Minute


Lohia Starlinger Packaging Pvt Ltd


Used Lohia Tape Line For Sale in Running Condition
Make Lohia Starlinger Packaging Pvt Ltd
Year of Make 2002
Refurbished in 2017
Extrusion Line for PP/HDPE
Model No E90 U
Line Speed Mechanical - Maximum 350 M/Min
Electric Motor 138 KW
Oil Capacity 200 Litres
Pulley Additional 12 no and 8 No ( for energy saving )
Melt Capacity - HDPE 260 Deg C
Electrical Mixer
Motor 3HP
Heating Die
Die Type 2 1000mm Width
Screw Diameter 1000mm
Quenching Tank with rubber rollers Capacity - 2000 Litres
Holding Unit With Motors 1 Godets - 3 roller
Shredding Assembly 1mm to 2.5mm thickness
Hot Plate - HDPE
Brand TPPL
Length 6 meter
Width 1.5 meter
Heating Temperature 110 Deg C
Heating Element 12kw
Stretching Units 2 Godets - 3 roller
Annealing Unit 3 Godets - 3 roller ( cold Water Rotary Union system)
Blower Assembly - Tape Line Iron Cage For waste collector Size
Length 5.5mtr
Width 6 mtr
Capacity 2MT waste storage
Inverter Card Type 186 Winders
Tape winding 1 to 2.5 mm winding
Speed As per calibration of Tape plant

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