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Nails Making Plant Installed in February 2018 is For Sale
Consisting following machinery
XXL Series Nail Making Machine- 2 Nos
Nails Size 1 to 7 Inches from 4.0mm wire to 7.0mm wire
Output 1.5 tonne per 8 hours.
It can make roofing nails (Bombay nails in India) in single step process , can make concrete nails too. This machine uses Carbide dies so that the quality of the nails are good , no need to waste time on grinding the dies .
M series Nail Making Machine - 1 No
Nails Size 1 to 3 inches from 3.0mm to 4.0mm wire
Output 900 Kgs per 8 hours
S Series Nail Making Machine- 1 No
Nails Size 1 to 2 Inches from 2.0mm to 3.0mm wire
Output 750 Kgs per 8 hours
Polishing Machine - 1 No
Capacity 1000 kg
With separate mesh for removing the raw material which is used for polishing.
Wire Drawing Machine - 1 Set
4+3 Drums Machine Including 2 Nos Discharge Drum
Drum Size 18 Inches
Wire intake is upto 8.0mm and can draw to 3.0mm
Output 5 Tonnes per 8 hours.
Pointing Machine - 1 No
Used for pointing wire so that it can easily be inserted in the wire drawing machine die.
Butt Welding Machine - 1 No
Used for welding the wire rod
Galvanizing Machine - 1 No
Used for giving shine to nails., it has an option of filtering the chemical. And motors for lifting the drums.
Furnace -1 No (Old)
Refurbished with all the main parts as new such as conveyor , heating rods and many other. Except body all the parts mostly are been changed. This furnace has 2 options of both electrical and gas. It has hardening , Tempering , and quenching machine with washing machine for nails.

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  •   Capacity  1220 mm Width
Roll Forming Machine
To Form Roofing Section of Polycarbonate Sheet
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Used Rotary Oven For Sale
The job rotates inside the oven
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  •   Make/Brand  Indo Air
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Used Reciprocating Air Compressor
Year 2010
Make :...
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Make Atlas Copco
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Fully Automatic Biomass Briquettes Making Machine For Sale
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  •   Make/Brand  Zhenli, China
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Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Used For Casting Of Zinc and Magnesium
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# Ref ID SM0677 Tamilnadu India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2015
  •   Make/Brand  Adhisakthi Projects Pvt Ltd
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Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table
Manufacturer of Machine: Adhisakthi Projects Pvt...
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  •   Year  2018
  •   Make/Brand  Rulitech Engineers, Anand, Gujarat
  •   Capacity  20 TPH
M Sand Crusher Plant For Sale
Year 2018
Make Rulitech Engineers, Anand,...
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# Ref ID SM0675 Karnataka India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2009
  •   Make/Brand  Hema Industries
  •   Capacity  Max Cutting Area - 12 x 2.8 feet
2 Nos Granite Block Cutting - Slicing Machines For Sale
Year of Manufactured...
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# Ref ID SM0674 Gujarat India Offer By End User
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  •   Make/Brand  Saka Engineering
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Used Rotary Dryer For Biomass Drying
Year 2011
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# Ref ID SM0673 Uttar Pradesh India Offer By End User
  •   Year  1995 1987 1990
  •   Make/Brand  Mikron Switzerland and Albe SA
  •   Capacity  5000 Pieces per hour
Pen Tips Manufacturing Machines For Sale
Work Piece Size Min :8 mm Max: 14...
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# Ref ID SM0671 Haryana India Offer By End User
  •   Year  1990
  •   Make/Brand  Bruckner German
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Auto Bulbs Manufacturing Machinery For Sale
Year 1990
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# Ref ID SM0670 Maharashtra India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2014
  •   Make/Brand  Proarc with 130 Hi-Focus Plasma Source
  •   Capacity  7 Meter x 2 Meter Cutting Plasma 20mm Oxyfuel 120mm
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Oxyfuel
Year 2014
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# Ref ID SM0668 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2015
  •   Make/Brand  Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited
  •   Capacity  KEC-30 CFM 197
Used Screw Air Compressors For Sale - 4 Nos
Year 2015
Make Kirloskar...
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# Ref ID SM0667 Telangana India Offer By End User
Aluminum Copper Cable Manufacturing Machinery For Sale
Wire Drawing...
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# Ref ID SM0664 Haryana India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2013
  •   Make/Brand  Mechelonic Engineers Pvt Ltd. Vapi
  •   Capacity  150 KVA
Used Seam Welding Machine For Sale
Year 2013
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# Ref ID SM0661 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2017
  •   Make/Brand  Zhengzhou Canmax Machinery, China
  •   Capacity  300 Kg/Hr
Briquette Making Machine For Sale
Year 2017
Make Zhengzhou Canmax...
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# Ref ID SM0658 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2014 September
  •   Make/Brand  Ashok Engineering Works, Ahmedabad
  •   Capacity  1200 Bricks/Hr
Semi Automatic Fly Ash Bricks Making Machinery For Sale
Year September...
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# Ref ID SM0653 Maharashtra India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2016
  •   Make/Brand  Maruti Hydraulics Pvt Ltd. Nashik
  •   Capacity  45 CuM
Light Weight CLC Blocks Manufacturing Line For Sale
  • Commissioned in December...
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# Ref ID SM0651 India Offer By End User
  •   Year  Unknown
  •   Make/Brand  Columbia USA
  •   Capacity  500 Sq Ft of 80mm Thick Per Hour
COLUMBIA Ultra Heavy Duty Block Making Machine
  • Model 22 HF
  • Make Columbia...
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# Ref ID SM0647 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2014
  •   Capacity  1.25 Meter x 5 Meter
Unused Conveyor Belt
  • Electric Heated - 50 HP Connected Power
  • Bed Size Width 1.25...
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# Ref ID SM0644 Chhattisgarh India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2014
  •   Make/Brand  Aavishkar Machinery Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
  •   Capacity  1 TPH
Pellets manufacturing line from ash of rice husk
  • Application of pellets are as...

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