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Gujarat India


Evaporation 150 Kg/Hr


Acmefil Engineering System Pvt. Ltd


Used Spray Dryer For Sale
Year of Manufactured 2011
Make Acmefil Engineering System Pvt. Ltd
Spray Disc Atomizer
Feed Rate 200 Kg/Hr
Evaporation Capacity 150 Kg/Hr
Product Output Rate 50 Kg/Hr
Initial Solid Content 25 Percent
Moisture Content in Powder Less Than One Percent
Air inlet Temperature 350 Deg C
Air Outlet Temperature 110 Deg C
Ambient Air Temperature 30 Deg C
Feed Temperature 30 Deg C
Product Output Temperature 45 Deg C
Material of Construction
Product Contact Parts SS 304
Hot Air Contact Parts SS 304
Non Contact Parts MS Epoxy Painted
Main Chamber Size
Shell Diameter 3000mm x Height 2000mm x Cone Height 2400mm x Total Height 4800mm
Hot Air Generator Oil Fired
Total Connected Power Load 24 KW
Consumed Power 20 KW
Space Requirement : 6 L x 8 B x 12 H Meters. (Approx.)
Presently in excellent working condition

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