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Require Rubber Mixing Mill
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Ref Id : BM3916


Require secondhand rubber mixing mill of size 10 x 24 or 12 x 30 immediately, contact us with full technical details, year & name of manufactured, present condition, specification of drive gear box & electric motor
  Ref Id :BM3928

  Description   -
  • 1. Used Cold Feed Rubber Extruder With Feed Roller
    • Screw Dia – 03 to 4 inch
    • Screw Length – 1000 mm to 1200 mm
  • 2. Used Mixing...

  Ref Id :BM3927

usb  Capacity       10000 Kg per Day
  Description   - Need crumb rubber machinery including tyre shredder and complete set up to manufacture 30 mesh tyre powder of daily 10000 kg capacity...

  Ref Id :BM3926

  Description   - Looking for following rubber processing machinery for upcoming project
  • Banbury Internal Mixer 40 Litres or higher
  • Kneader Line 40 Litres or higher
  • Mixing Mill 16 x 42 or...

  Ref Id :BM3925

usb  Capacity       5000 Tubes/Day
  Description   -
Required Automobile manufacturing unit with capacity of 5000 tube/day. Please send details of all machinery and equipment details..

  Ref Id :BM3940

usb  Capacity       Size 10 x24
  Description   - Looking for 10 x 24 rubber mixing mill...

  Ref Id :BM3924

  Description   - We are setting up a Tyre plant. We need the following machinery:
  • Rubber Calendar-12X36 inch-- 1 No.
  • Tyre Bagomatic Curing Press-- 3 Nos.
  • Tyre Bead Machine-- 1...

  Ref Id :BM3922

  Description   - Wanted 12 x 30 rubber mixing mill having chilled or MS roll...

  Ref Id :BM3920

  Description   - Looking for rubber kneader machine of capacity 35 to 55 litres capacity in good condition. It should not be old more than 4 years....

  Ref Id :BM3921

  Description   - Looking for 10 x 24 size rubber mixing mill...