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1.8MW Rarely Used Gasifier
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Ref Id : SM0626


Merely 80 hours used automatic 1.8MW Gasifier for sale, year 2013, make Ankur Scientific Baroda, Gasifier type Downward draft, Mode of operation cold and clean gas, Fuel wood blocks, Rated gas flow 4500Nm3/hr. Average gas calorific value 1100 Kcal/NM3, Gasification temperature 1050 to 1100 deg C, Outlet gas temperature 300 to 350 deg C maximum, Fuel feeding and ash remover automatic, Typical conversion efficiency of gasifier is more than 75 percentage.
  Ref Id :SM0656


schedule  Year       2017 December
local_offer  Make/Brand  Kantechi Machinery, China
usb  Capacity       5 Ton per 8 Hour Shift
  Description   -
Rarely Used Wire Drawing Machine
Year 2017 December
Make Kantechi Machinery, China
Capacity 5 Tonnes in 8 Hour Shift
Drawing from 7.5mm or 8.0mm to...

  Ref Id :SM0653


schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Maruti Hydraulics Pvt Ltd. Nashik
usb  Capacity       45 CuM
  Description   - Light Weight CLC Blocks Manufacturing Line For Sale
  • Commissioned in December 2016
  • Manufactured by Maruti Hydraulics Pvt Ltd. Nashik
  • Production Capacity 45 M3
  • Total...

  Ref Id :SM0652


schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  M S Shah Stones, Mumbai
usb  Capacity       Cutting 4 Feet Height X 13 Feet Length
  Description   - 2 Nos Granite Cutters For Sale
  • Year of Manufactured 2014
  • Make M S Shah Stones, Mumbai
  • Model No VMBS 2000 and VMBS 2300
  • Slab Cutting Capacity 3 & 4 Feet Height x 13...

  Ref Id :SM0651


schedule  Year       Unknown
local_offer  Make/Brand  Columbia USA
usb  Capacity       500 Sq Ft of 80mm Thick Per Hour
  Description   - COLUMBIA Ultra Heavy Duty Block Making Machine
  • Model 22 HF
  • Make Columbia USA
  • Year Unknown, Imported Used Working Condition From USA
  • Production Capacity 500 Sq Ft...

  Ref Id :SM0650


schedule  Year       2006
local_offer  Make/Brand  MAC DRY
usb  Capacity       Basket Max 60 Kg
  Description   - Used Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine For Sale
  • Year of Manufactured 2006
  • Name of Manufacturer MAC DRY
  • Model No MD 201 VS
  • Basket Maximum Capacity - 60...

  Ref Id :SM0649


schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Sunmag Mines and Minerals Pvt. Ltd
usb  Capacity       40 MT/Hr
  Description   - Automated Screening and Crushing Plant - Movable Type
  • Material Used to Porcess Organic Composite
  • Capacity 40 MT/HR
  • Model ST 40
  • Year 2014
  • Sunmag Mines and...

  Ref Id :SM4323


schedule  Year       2015
local_offer  Make/Brand  Leitz India
usb  Capacity       10 to 15 Doors/Day
  Description   - UPVC Doors and Windows Fabrication Machinery
  • Capacity 10 to 15 Doors Per Day
  • Year 2015
  • Make Leitz India
    Single Head Cutting Machine
  • Model - CM...

  Ref Id :SM0647


schedule  Year       2014
usb  Capacity       1.25 Meter x 5 Meter
  Description   - Unused Conveyor Belt
  • Electric Heated - 50 HP Connected Power
  • Bed Size Width 1.25 Meter x 5 Meters Length
Along with Control Panel...

  Ref Id :SM0648


schedule  Year       2016
local_offer  Make/Brand  Chiinese
usb  Capacity       600 x 900mm
  Description   - Brand New Condition CNC Router for Cutting and Engraving
  • Purchased in 2016 Hardly used 72 Hours
  • Model LD-6090
  • 4 Drilling Head
  • Working Area 600 x...

  Ref Id :SM0646


schedule  Year       2011
local_offer  Make/Brand  Omax Maxiem
usb  Capacity       Bed Size 3 Mt x 2 Mt
  Description   - Omax Maxiem- 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Center
  • Model No Omax Maxiem 2030
  • Year of Manufactured 2011, Commissioned in 2012
  • Precise Running hours 657 Hrs
  • Fully Automatic...

  Ref Id :SM0644


schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Aavishkar Machinery Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
usb  Capacity       1 TPH
  Description   - Pellets manufacturing line from ash of rice husk
  • Application of pellets are as fuel
  • Capacity 1TPH
  • Year of commissioned 2014, but used Only for...

  Ref Id :SM0643


schedule  Year       1994
local_offer  Make/Brand  Griller & Co, Austria
usb  Capacity       Reel size: Ø500-1250 mm
  Description   - Cable Pay Off Unit For Sale
  • Type: PA 1250
  • Reel size: Ø500-1250 mm
  • Connected Power Load 15 KW
  • Machine is with Dancer unit and Control Panel
In excellent...

  Ref Id :SM0642


schedule  Year       2000
local_offer  Make/Brand  Intech and Wagner, Germany
usb  Capacity       2500mm Length X 600mm Width X 1250mm Height
  Description   - Powder Coating Line For Sale, can coat sheet metal parts upto size 2500mm Length X 600mm Width X 1250mm Height Line Consisting
  • Over Head Conveyor Line (Intech Make)
  • Powder Curing...

  Ref Id :SM0641


schedule  Year       2014
local_offer  Make/Brand  Indigeneous
usb  Capacity       Evaporation rate 1500 Kg/hr
  Description   - Ring - Flash Dryer Complete Line For Sale used to process Gluten. Run for merely 6 months only, presently in excellent condition.
  • Feed Rate 2000Kg/hr
  • Evaporation rate 1500...

  Ref Id :SM0637


schedule  Year       2012 -2013
local_offer  Make/Brand  Elemechtron Engineering
  Description   - Complete abrasive cloth - sand paper manufacturing line installed in 2012 - 2013 supplied by Elemechtron Engineering, Roll Size 39 Inch Total Connected Power Load 35 - 40 HP. The plant consisting...

  Ref Id :SM0635


  Description   - KMT make Waterjet Cutting Machine
  • Table size 5200mm x 12200mm
  • Traveling X axis 5010mm x Y axis 12010 x Z axis 450mm
  • Rigid steel tube gantry chassis
  • Siemens 828D...

  Ref Id :SM0634
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  Description   - Soitaab Italy made Waterject cutting machine
  • Table : Gantry type, 3m x 2m, Soitaab, Italy
  • Year 2011
  • Pump : 50 HP , Accustream USA
  • Used for 950 hrs...