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Require Wire Drawing Line
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Ref Id : BM0619


Looking for wire drawing line in range of 0.6 mm to 3.15mm
  Ref Id :BM0620

usb  Capacity       50 to 60 Bales/Hr
  Description   - Looking for Corn silage baler machine capacity 50-60 bales per hour, bale weight 100 kg...

  Ref Id :BM0618

  Description   - Wanted wire drums for wire drawing unit
  • 600 dimension KA 5 Blocks
  • 500 dimension KA 6 Blocks
  • ...

      Ref Id :BM0617

      Description   - Require thermocol plant for making thermocol trey for spark plug packaging...

      Ref Id :BM0616

      Description   - Require Furnace 2 nos
  • Immediately - Very small furnace capable of temperature till 1300-1400 D Celsius. Whatever smallest size available. Electrical or LDO
  • Later - an LDO fired furnace...
  • line