Complete Industrial Plants For Sale and Buy

Maruti Machinery Consultant provides platform for end user buyers and end user sellers. We offer various complete industrial plants with land, power, amenities, license, and takeover of industrial unit , also only complete processing lines without land in excellent condition. We assure you for providing hassle free, reliable, confidential and trustworthy deals for both buyer and seller. For your sale and buy of industrial plants contact us.

Sell Offer
# Ref ID SM3957 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2011
  •   Make/Brand  Various Manufacturers
Butyl Reclaim Rubber Manufacturing Line For Sale
Installed in...
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# Ref ID SM3958 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2011
  •   Make/Brand  Qingdao Shenghuaolong, China
Used Tyre Reclaim Rubber Line For Sale
Installed in 2012
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# Ref ID SM3953 Andhra Pradesh India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2005
  •   Make/Brand  Various Manufacturers
  •   Capacity  2160 TPA
Used Rubber Reclaim Plant Machinery
Commissioned in 2005
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# Ref ID SM3952 Rajasthan India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2013
  •   Capacity  5 Ton in 8 Hour Shift
Used Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Year 2013
Consisting following...
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# Ref ID SM3948 Gujarat India Offer By End User
  •   Year  2012
  •   Make/Brand  Various Manufacturers
  •   Capacity  600 MT per Month
  •   Land  5500 Square Meters
Running Reclaim Rubber Manufacturing Company Available For Takeover in Gujarat State with Customer...